Why WHERE you Buy is just as important as WHAT you buy

It’s a habit for most of us; we look for the best deal and the best price, but when it comes to Scuba Diving Equipment – let’s face it, equipment that allows you to BREATHE UNDERWATER – you only want to buy your scuba gear at a place that is authorized to sell it. So let’s discuss why WHERE you Buy is just as important as WHAT you buy.

Why buy from a Scubapro Platinum dealer?

Scubapro Platinum DealerScubapro is the top of the line brand when it comes to scuba diving equipment. Scuba Professionals of Arizona is one of only 50 “Platinum Dealers” in the world as well as the only one in the Southwestern United States.  That means we are trusted as being true diving professionals with a thorough knowledge of scuba diving and Scubapro products. We also get the newest products at the best prices and our staff is highly trained to make sure our customers are properly fitted and thoroughly educated on their equipment – from your mask and fins to a complete scuba diving package.

Good scuba gear can last years and take you on hundreds of dives, but it also needs to be maintained and occasionally repaired. As an authorized dealer of Scubapro equipment, all of the equipment we sell comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. When you buy gear from a dealer that isn’t authorized by the manufacturer, any warranty the equipment should have won’t be honored.  We also get notices from Scubapro if there are any required fixes or reported problems that need to be addressed. That’s not the case with non-authorized dealers.

Scubapro Platinum DealerScuba diving is our business, it’s what we are passionate about and we want others to enjoy it as much as we do – a major part of that is being well-trained and having proper fitting scuba equipment that is well-maintained and safe.





By Paul Wagenseller, Co-owner and General Manager at Scuba Professionals of Arizona

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