Practicing Buoyancy Control

Practicing Buoyancy Control

Everyone who dives knows that there are a lot of skills to learn. And  that you learn by practicing. And one of the most important and at the same time fun skills to practice is your Buoyancy Control! And what could be a better place to practice than in a pool, specifically build to practice scuba diving in?

Watch this action filled, short video showing divers Practicing Buoyancy Control!


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Check Something Off Your Bucket List – Get Scuba Certified!

By Giselle Aguiar

In full disclosure – Scuba Professionals of Arizona is one of my clients. I manage their social media and blog occasionally for them.

Back in the ’80s I was living in Puerto Rico working as activities coordinator in several hotels on the beach in El Condado and Isla Verde.

I was an avid snorkeler

A friend had a sailboat and on weekends, we would go to these uninhabited islands … Read More…

Continue Scuba with our exclusive Expert Scuba Course

We see people complete their Open Water Scuba Course without any definite plans for the future. Many divers get certified and go on one trip, but don’t continue with the sport. Unfortunately, there is a high drop-out rate for scuba divers. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The question is…how do you keep divers active in this fantastic sport? The answer is simple – continue your training and become more comfortable in the water, which will make you feel safer with more knowledge and skills. Continue your scuba education with our exclusive Expert Scuba Course!

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How do I capture my diving memories with my GoPro?

GoPro camera - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

In the early days of diving we would spear fish, collect seashells, harvest abalone and scallops, and explore things that no one had ever seen before. The recreational diver of today has more limits and restrictions. Laws and ordinances restrict where and how we can hunt for lobster, spear fish, abalones and more. Marine Parks are beautiful to dive in, but they come with more rules – no spearing of fish, collecting of sea shells or even picking up trash if it is grown with sea life. I don’t even know of any scenario were we can collect seashells. So … Read More…

Is there a difference between Air and Nitrox?

SSI EAN Nitrox - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Many scuba divers worry about the cost of filling their cylinders. As we discussed in a previous blog, we know how important it is to put quality air into our body to keep us safe. It is worth spending just a few dollars more to get a better breathing gas in our bodies. Is there a difference between Air and Nitrox? Absolutely!SSI EAN Nitrox - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

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