Does being Certified mean you are Qualified?

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In the early 1980’s we realized that being a certified scuba diver does not necessarily mean you are qualified to scuba dive. At first, this might not sound so bad but just think about it, it’s a really important question. So we’ll try and answer the question Does being Certified mean you are Qualified?

In the beginning, scuba clubs were started with divers who left the military. This led to the creation of scuba instruction and certification agencies. Bob Clark, who founded SSI (Scuba Schools International), decided that everything taught in scuba needed to be real Read More…

Customer review – Instructor is the goal

Customer review - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Matt talks to our GM, Paul, about his experience getting certified at Scuba Professionals of Arizona. Matt is now in our Dive Master program and his goal is to become an Instructor so he can share his love for Scuba Diving. Take a look at this Customer review and listen to how Matt’s goal to become an Instructor is well under way! Below the video, we have a short summary of what Matt is saying in his Customer review – Instructor is the goal!

What drew Matt in to Scuba Diving?

Matt had a love for … Read More…

Cool scuba diving pool!

Demonstrating our cool scuba pool!

Watch this fun video as our GM Paul Wagenseller goes a bit crazy demonstrating our cool scuba diving pool! Not only can we turn on the counter current generator to simulate ocean realistic diving, but when the wind and rain starts, you’ll really get a feel for how it can be out by the ocean! Scuba Professionals of Arizona is the most modern dive shop located in Peoria, West Phoenix, AZ.  Our state-of-the-art, custom-built, 13 feet deep, heated pool is equipped with an underwater camera and current generator to simulate ocean realistic training.

A Scuba … Read More…

Which is the world’s deadliest animal?

The world's deadliest animal

As scuba divers, we often get questions about how we dare to dive among sharks. But really how accurate is it to be afraid of sharks? And which is the world’s deadliest animal? Which animal kills the most humans? Is it the shark? Or maybe crocodiles? Lions? Hippos? Dogs? Snakes? Or what about humans killing humans? That’s gotta be it, right?

No, neither of those is correct. As a matter of fact, the Shark is the LEAST DEADLIEST animal of them all. By far. The deadliest animal is…..the mosquito.

Take a look at this graphic that Bill Gates posted … Read More…

What equipment do I need for a Beginner Scuba Course?

Scuba equipment

One of the most common questions we hear is “What equipment do I need for a Scuba Course?” Scuba Professionals of Arizona’s GM Paul Wagenseller, explains in this 2 minutes long video, everything you need to start your scuba diving adventure!

There is actually not so much scuba gear you need to take up scuba diving. The personal equipment you do need includes a scuba mask, scuba fins, snorkel, diving boots, protective gloves, SSI student training kit, anti-fog and a mesh equipment bag. You’ll pay between $250-$370 depending on your personal needs, preferences and budget. You’ll also be able … Read More…