Get your own Personal Mouthpiece for a Rented Scuba Regulator

Do you rent scuba equipment when you go on a dive trip? Well, you should have your own mouthpiece that attaches to the scuba regulator. In this video, Paul Wagenseller of Scuba Professionals of Arizona, explains why.

Buy your Scubapro Regulators @ Scuba Professionals of ArizonaSo, if you don’t want to get sick from using rented equipment, it’s wise to get your own mouthpiece and carry it with you when … Read More…

How to Properly Clean your Scuba Mask

You’ve put a substantial investment in your quality scuba equipment, so it makes sense to clean it and maintain it so it will last.

In this video, Paul Wagenseller of Scuba Professionals of Arizona shows you how to properly clean your scuba mask

Prescription dive mask - Scuba Professionals of ArizonaIf you go scuba diving a lot or just once a year on vacation, trust the experts at Scuba Professionals of … Read More…

What to Look for in Purchasing a Buoyancy Compensator

By Paul Wagenseller

After being in the diving industry for approximately 44 years, I have heard so many divers purchase a buoyancy compensator (BCD) on price, color or certain bells and whistles, then find out the BCD they purchased does not work for the type of diving they do.  You need to be educated on exactly what BCDs do, how they function, and what are they made of in order to make sure you purchase a BCD that will work for you and the type of diving you do!

There are four primary functions of a buoyancy compensator:

  • Surface … Read More…

  • Why WHERE you Buy is just as important as WHAT you buy

    Scubapro Platinum Dealer

    It’s a habit for most of us; we look for the best deal and the best price, but when it comes to Scuba Diving Equipment – let’s face it, equipment that allows you to BREATHE UNDERWATER – you only want to buy your scuba gear at a place that is authorized to sell it. So let’s discuss why WHERE you Buy is just as important as WHAT you buy.

    Why buy from a Scubapro Platinum dealer?

    Scubapro Platinum DealerScubapro is the … Read More…

    How do I stay warm while diving?

    You're never too old to scuba!

    As an Arizona Native, I am used to being uncomfortably warm (especially in the summer) and needing to cool off. But when we scuba dive it is a completely different story. We have to layer wetsuits so that we stay warm and yet hopefully avoid looking like the kid in a Christmas Story! All divers end up owning several different wetsuits to protect them in a variety of different water temperatures. It is no different than having a wardrobe for varying clothing needs. So let’s discuss and answer the question – How do I stay warm while diving?

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