Scuba Santa Day

Fox Channel 10 at Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Scuba Santa is coming to Scuba Professionals of Arizona on Saturday, December 5!  Fox Channel 10 broadcasted live to inform everyone about this fantastic event we call Scuba Santa Day! The video is a “behind the scenes” video from the live shoot!

Yearly event

Scuba Santa Day is a yearly event. Yes, of course Santa comes every year! Santa jumps in to the pool and waits for you to join him, with your family and friends, and have the best Christmas picture ever – from the bottom of the pool!

Free of Charge – help St. Mary’s Food … Read More…

Imagine Dragons Film Part of their Video in our Pool!

We were pleased and honored to have the musical group Imagine Dragons film part of their music video in our scuba pool!

Below is the final video – “I Bet My Life”

Note the scenes when he’s floating underwater. Those were shot at our pool.

Some of the flying boat shots were done in our back lot.

Amazing what awesome videography and editing can do! Feel free to comment below!

On Friday January 30, Imagine Dragons are in Phoenix to perform a concert for the Super Bowl. Here’s the link to buy tickets!

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