Check out Dive for Open Water Certification

Watch this 6 minutes video demonstrating a Check Out Dive for Open Water Certification at Lake Pleasant. Our Instructor works with her Student who performs Regulator Clearing, Regulator Retrieval, Mask Clearing, Mask Removal, Air Sharing and Controlled Ascent.

The skills performed at this check out dive was made at a depth of 23 feet and the total dive lasted 15 minutes.


Looks fun, doesn’t it? It is and becoming scuba certified allows you to explore the amazing underwater world! Learning to dive in Lake Pleasant, which doesn’t always have the best visibility, will give you an excellent training and your tropical dive will be like a dream come through.

Becoming scuba certified is all about safely learning the necessary skills you need to scuba dive safely. You learn in three steps: First you study the academics of scuba diving, then you practice all skills in the comfort of our indoor, 13 feet deep, heated pool. When you know the skills, you do four Check Out Dives for Open Water Certification. Upon safely performing all the skills and passing the final test, you will earn your Scuba Schools International, SSI Open Water Diver Certification.

Interested in getting Scuba Certified? Call us, 602-314-6650 or check out our Scuba Courses here!

Open Water Diver


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