Have fun and stay safe getting Open Water Diver Certified

For many, getting Open Water Diver Certified, is a big decision and something that they maybe have been dreaming about for a long time. To be able to breath under the water and explore the underwater world is a fascinating thing. Please watch this short video showing how you can Have fun and stay safe getting Open Water Diver Certified!


While enrolled in one of our Scuba Courses (from Beginner Diver to Advanced Diver) you can always come in and practice your scuba skills in our indoor, heated, 13 feet deep pool. Yes, you will of course practice with your Instructor in class, but you can also come in, in between classes, and practice what you learned, or just play around in the pool with your gear on to gain some more experience. Remember, it’s all about safety and having fun!

Getting Scuba Certified in CaliforniaWhen you are comfortable and know the skills, it’s time for your Open Water Dives. You can choose to do them at our local Lake Pleasant or, for a surcharge,  join any trip.  For example, you can join one of our many trips to California and complete your certification there. Talk to us about it and we will find a solution that works for you!

Our training agency is Scuba Schools International (SSI), one of the leading scuba diving agencies in the world. Upon gaining your scuba certification, you will be able to dive anywhere in the world! Call us now, 602-314-6650, to start your adventure!

About Scuba Professionals of AZ

Scuba Professionals of Arizona is the most modern and complete scuba diving center in the greater Phoenix area.
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