How to Properly Clean your Scuba Mask

You’ve put a substantial investment in your quality scuba equipment, so it makes sense to clean it and maintain it so it will last.

In this video, Paul Wagenseller of Scuba Professionals of Arizona shows you how to properly clean your scuba mask

Prescription dive mask - Scuba Professionals of ArizonaIf you go scuba diving a lot or just once a year on vacation, trust the experts at Scuba Professionals of … Read More…

The Family that Dives Together Stays Together

By Paul Wagenseller

November 24-30 is National Family Week and Better Conversation Week

Scuba Diving is a Family SportWhen your family scuba dives together, they experience fun, education and a lifetime of memories – especially if they can talk underwater!

Since scuba diving has started it has always been a family sport. Did you know that it is less expensive NOW than it was in the 70’s? Imagine you are planning a family vacation. You … Read More…

Divers find WWII Planes in South Pacific

Imagine diving off the coast of an island in the South Pacific when you see something interesting and when you take a look, you see that it’s a wreck of a WWII fighter plane. Something similar happened to Pat Scannon who was on vacation in Palau, an island that saw “some of the fiercest fighting of the war 70 years ago” and the pilots call it “A Forgotten Corner of Hell”. He started an organization of volunteers, The BentProp Project, that are dedicated in finding the over 200 U.S. … Read More…

Why WHERE you Buy is just as important as WHAT you buy

Scubapro Platinum Dealer

It’s a habit for most of us; we look for the best deal and the best price, but when it comes to Scuba Diving Equipment – let’s face it, equipment that allows you to BREATHE UNDERWATER – you only want to buy your scuba gear at a place that is authorized to sell it. So let’s discuss why WHERE you Buy is just as important as WHAT you buy.

Why buy from a Scubapro Platinum dealer?

Scubapro Platinum DealerScubapro is the … Read More…

If I wear glasses or contacts, can I scuba dive?

Prescription dive mask - Scuba Professionals of Arizona


One of the most common questions Dive Instructors hear is “If I wear glasses or contacts, can I scuba dive?”. The answer is; Absolutely!

Prescription dive mask - Scuba Professionals of ArizonaApproximately 6 out of 10 people wear some type of corrective lenses (prescription glasses, contact lenses or reading glasses). With so many of us needing corrective lenses, there has to be a way for all of us that want to enjoy snorkeling or scuba … Read More…