Diving in California

Dolpins playing around the dive boat

Watch this cool video – Diving in California – from one of our many dive trips to California!

The fun starts already before we go under the water as Dolphins play around the dive boat on our way to the dive sites.


On this trip we were diving outside the Santa Catalina Island and the San Clemente Island. Dive conditions were excellent with perfectly calm seas!

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Get your own Personal Mouthpiece for a Rented Scuba Regulator

Do you rent scuba equipment when you go on a dive trip? Well, you should have your own mouthpiece that attaches to the scuba regulator. In this video, Paul Wagenseller of Scuba Professionals of Arizona, explains why.

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How to Properly Clean your Scuba Mask

You’ve put a substantial investment in your quality scuba equipment, so it makes sense to clean it and maintain it so it will last.

In this video, Paul Wagenseller of Scuba Professionals of Arizona shows you how to properly clean your scuba mask

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Amazing Underwater Artistry seen only if you Scuba Dive

In a previous post, we highlighted a segment from the Biggest Loser where one of the trainers and two contestants conquered their fear of water and went snorkeling in Hawaii.

They opened up a world that they didn’t even know existed!

You’ve heard of and maybe have seen crop circles – whether created by humans or aliens we don’t know, but what about an underwater crop circle?

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Navy Divers in the Pacific Theater after Pearl Harbor

Divers in the Navy played a significant role in the U.S. military’s salvaging efforts in the Pacific theater after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor during World War II.

There were 101 ships in the harbor resting quietly on that fateful day before torpedoes tore through many of them. By mid-morning on December 7, 1941, divers were already “cutting through the hull of the overturned battleship USS Oklahoma to rescue trapped soldiers.”1

Nine torpedoes slammed into the Oklahoma, tipping it over and causing it to capsize. The USS Oklahoma was the largest and most difficult undertaking of the salvage projects. … Read More…