Divers find WWII Planes in South Pacific

Imagine diving off the coast of an island in the South Pacific when you see something interesting and when you take a look, you see that it’s a wreck of a WWII fighter plane. Something similar happened to Pat Scannon who was on vacation in Palau, an island that saw “some of the fiercest fighting of the war 70 years ago” and the pilots call it “A Forgotten Corner of Hell”. He started an organization of volunteers, The BentProp Project, that are dedicated in finding the over 200 U.S. … Read More…

National Sardines Day?

National Sardines Day

November 24th is National Sardines Day! Whether you enjoy eating the little oily fish that’s part of the herring family, Clupeidae or not, they do make for some cool underwater photography!

Sardines may have gotten their name from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia around which they once abundant. In other parts of the world they’re also known as pilchards.

They are very colorful underwater … Read More…

Pix from our last California Dive Trip!

Catalina Island California DivingLiving in a landlocked state like Arizona, we don’t often think of scuba diving as a getaway weekend. But, since the California coast is only a 5-hour drive from Phoenix, we love doing these trips often.

Here are pictures from our last weekend California dive trip to Catalina Island. Our next one … Read More…

History of Using Scuba Diving in the U.S. Military

In honor of the birthday of the U.S. Marine Corp and Veterans Day, here’s a little history of scuba and how the military started using it.

Military organizations around the world have valued divers for centuries.

Historians have discovered in manuscripts and literature that the fascination with exploring the ocean floor began thousands of years ago. Diving has evolved from that initial fascination with the sea to the U.S. military’s practical use of Scuba diving.

Some of the earliest historical references go back as far as 500 B.C. when the Greek sailor Scyllis used a breath hold diving technique to … Read More…

World class diving in Fiji

Diving in Fiji with Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Check out this short video showing the world class diving in Fiji! Scuba Professionals of Arizona organizes trips all over the world and this video is from Fiji!

Our next trip to Fiji is on October 9-19, 2015. Join Scuba Professionals of Arizona for a fantastic week of diving out of Wananavu, Fiji, South Pacific!

We will be staying at the Wananavu Beach Resort, an intimate deluxe resort with only 34 generously sized villas nestled among tropical gardens, and along the hillside with magnificent views over the crystal blue waters and islands beyond We hope you can join us! But … Read More…