Diving with Sharks in Fiji

Shark diving with Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Recently Scuba Professionals of Arizona led a dive trip to Fiji. The crystal clear water of the south Pacific is perfect for exploring the beautiful sea life and that includes sharks. Yes, sharks are beautiful, not the terrors Jaws and countless others since have made them out to be. They are the great hunters of the sea, but they’re not, as one Discovery Channel “mockumentary” suggested, hunting you and me. In fact, they’re really not interested in us at all.

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How do I stay warm while diving?

You're never too old to scuba!

As an Arizona Native, I am used to being uncomfortably warm (especially in the summer) and needing to cool off. But when we scuba dive it is a completely different story. We have to layer wetsuits so that we stay warm and yet hopefully avoid looking like the kid in a Christmas Story! All divers end up owning several different wetsuits to protect them in a variety of different water temperatures. It is no different than having a wardrobe for varying clothing needs. So let’s discuss and answer the question – How do I stay warm while diving?

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