Scuba Santa Day

Fox Channel 10 at Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Scuba Santa is coming to Scuba Professionals of Arizona on Saturday, December 5!  Fox Channel 10 broadcasted live to inform everyone about this fantastic event we call Scuba Santa Day! The video is a “behind the scenes” video from the live shoot!

Yearly event

Scuba Santa Day is a yearly event. Yes, of course Santa comes every year! Santa jumps in to the pool and waits for you to join him, with your family and friends, and have the best Christmas picture ever – from the bottom of the pool!

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The Family that Dives Together Stays Together

By Paul Wagenseller

November 24-30 is National Family Week and Better Conversation Week

Scuba Diving is a Family SportWhen your family scuba dives together, they experience fun, education and a lifetime of memories – especially if they can talk underwater!

Since scuba diving has started it has always been a family sport. Did you know that it is less expensive NOW than it was in the 70’s? Imagine you are planning a family vacation. You … Read More…

How to keep your ears free from infection while diving

How to avoid ear infections while diving

One relatively common problem while diving is getting ear infections. It’s unfortunate since it’s easily avoided. Watch this short video on How to keep your ears free from infection while diving and learn the easy tips and tricks to healthy ears! For those of you who prefer not watching videos, we have a short summary of the essential message of the video just below it!

With some very easy methods, you can keep your ears free from infection while diving.

1. Do not use Q-tips!

We know, many of us do, but it’s a very common reason for … Read More…

5 Important Criteria when Choosing a Scuba Regulator

Regulators Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Many divers believe that the look and price is the most important quality of buying a brand-new scuba regulator. There is so much more in choosing a regulator than color and price! Let’s face the simple facts; your life depends on your scuba regulator!

There are many different Scuba manufacturers in the industry. You want a manufacturer that actually designs, manufacturers and supports their equipment. Also look for a manufacturer that has been around for a number of years so you can see the history of their scuba regulators and know they will be there to stand behind you!

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Paul talks Scuba on KTAR 92.3 Get Outdoors Az

Scuba Professionals of Arizona on KTAR 92.3

Listen to when our GM Paul Wagenseller talks Scuba on KTAR 92.3 Get Outdoors Az with host Mike Russell! It’s a great segment where they discuss all angles of scuba diving. Everything from how to get started with scuba diving, to Rebreather, where to dive in Arizona, what equipment you’ll need, what are the dangers with scuba diving and much more.

Mike reveals that he is an enthusiastic scuba diver himself since long time back. He loves sharks and plans to get his kids started with our Scuba … Read More…