Diving in California

Dolpins playing around the dive boat

Watch this cool video – Diving in California – from one of our many dive trips to California!

The fun starts already before we go under the water as Dolphins play around the dive boat on our way to the dive sites.


On this trip we were diving outside the Santa Catalina Island and the San Clemente Island. Dive conditions were excellent with perfectly calm seas!

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Divers find WWII Planes in South Pacific

Imagine diving off the coast of an island in the South Pacific when you see something interesting and when you take a look, you see that it’s a wreck of a WWII fighter plane. Something similar happened to Pat Scannon who was on vacation in Palau, an island that saw “some of the fiercest fighting of the war 70 years ago” and the pilots call it “A Forgotten Corner of Hell”. He started an organization of volunteers, The BentProp Project, that are dedicated in finding the over 200 U.S. … Read More…