Practicing Buoyancy Control

Practicing Buoyancy Control

Everyone who dives knows that there are a lot of skills to learn. And  that you learn by practicing. And one of the most important and at the same time fun skills to practice is your Buoyancy Control! And what could be a better place to practice than in a pool, specifically build to practice scuba diving in?

Watch this action filled, short video showing divers Practicing Buoyancy Control!


Looks like they are having fun? Would you be interested in starting to scuba dive as well? Check out our scuba diving course options here and call … Read More…

Getting My Scuba Certification

By Giselle Aguiar

Mask & snorkel from Scuba Professionals of ArizonaA few months ago I decided that for my 60th birthday this year, I would tackle one of the items of my bucket list – getting my scuba certification. I wrote about my background and why I never finished my certification 35 years ago in this … Read More…

Jan. 26 is “Couples Day” – Scuba for Couples

Whether you’re part of a scuba diving couple or you want to convince your sweetie to become certified, there are several options for having the perfect scuba diving romantic getaway.

Couples can relax at a resort in Caribbean, get hitched underwater with sharks in the Bahamas or just go for a private dive in Hawaii.

Relax at a Resort

Couples who want the resort experience may want to consider the Caribbean where they can stay at Couples Resort in Jamaica. Exploring the Jamaican reefs while admiring dolphins and sea turtles is available for certified divers in the morning and the … Read More…

Amazing Underwater Artistry seen only if you Scuba Dive

In a previous post, we highlighted a segment from the Biggest Loser where one of the trainers and two contestants conquered their fear of water and went snorkeling in Hawaii.

They opened up a world that they didn’t even know existed!

You’ve heard of and maybe have seen crop circles – whether created by humans or aliens we don’t know, but what about an underwater crop circle?

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The Family that Dives Together Stays Together

By Paul Wagenseller

November 24-30 is National Family Week and Better Conversation Week

Scuba Diving is a Family SportWhen your family scuba dives together, they experience fun, education and a lifetime of memories – especially if they can talk underwater!

Since scuba diving has started it has always been a family sport. Did you know that it is less expensive NOW than it was in … Read More…