Scuba Novels for National Novel Writing Month

“He was one of those divers who was completely in tune to his surroundings when he dove.  He had just made his way into the next compartment when he felt it.  Something out of sync.  The slightest movement of water, then the flitting of a shape in the shadows.  He turned and caught sight of a squirrel fish as it vanished into the gloom…” excerpt from Kathy Brandt’s Swimming with the Dead. 


In honor of National Novel Writing Month, several series of scuba diving novels are featured below focusing on mystery, crime and romance for scuba divers and bookworms … Read More…

Divers find WWII Planes in South Pacific

Imagine diving off the coast of an island in the South Pacific when you see something interesting and when you take a look, you see that it’s a wreck of a WWII fighter plane. Something similar happened to Pat Scannon who was on vacation in Palau, an island that saw “some of the fiercest fighting of the war 70 years ago” and the pilots call it “A Forgotten Corner of Hell”. He started an organization of volunteers, The BentProp Project, that are dedicated in finding the over 200 U.S. … Read More…

10 Reasons you Should Give the Gift of Scuba for the Holidays

Give the Gift of Scuba

  • Scuba diving is a great stress reducer.
  • Scuba diving is a low-impact, exercise-based sport and it will help you with being active, losing weight, and staying fit.
  • Scuba diving is a very interactive activity and encourages maintaining long-term relationships (goal-setting, vacation destinations, etc.).
  • Scuba diving is accessible in almost every state and every country.  Also, it adds incredible amounts of fun … Read More…
  • St. Mary’s Food Bank Food Drive 2014 at Scuba Professionals of Arizona

    You can get a FREE Scuba Class while Helping St. Mary’s Food bank!
    St Mary's food bank - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

    The need to feed hungry families in the Greater Phoenix Area is great and we’ve partnered again this year with St. Mary’s Food Bank to do a Food Drive for the holidays.

    Continue Scuba with our exclusive Expert Scuba Course

    We see people complete their Open Water Scuba Course without any definite plans for the future. Many divers get certified and go on one trip, but don’t continue with the sport. Unfortunately, there is a high drop-out rate for scuba divers. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The question is…how do you keep divers active in this fantastic sport? The answer is simple – continue your training and become more comfortable in the water, which will make you feel safer with more knowledge and skills. Continue your scuba education with our exclusive Expert Scuba Course!

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