The Family that Dives Together Stays Together

By Paul Wagenseller

November 24-30 is National Family Week and Better Conversation Week

Scuba Diving is a Family SportWhen your family scuba dives together, they experience fun, education and a lifetime of memories – especially if they can talk underwater!

Since scuba diving has started it has always been a family sport. Did you know that it is less expensive NOW than it was in … Read More…

Scuba Novels for National Novel Writing Month

“He was one of those divers who was completely in tune to his surroundings when he dove.  He had just made his way into the next compartment when he felt it.  Something out of sync.  The slightest movement of water, then the flitting of a shape in the shadows.  He turned and caught sight of a squirrel fish as it vanished into the gloom…” excerpt from Kathy Brandt’s Swimming with the Dead. 


In honor of National Novel Writing Month, several series of scuba diving novels are featured below focusing on mystery, crime and romance for scuba divers and bookworms … Read More…

Pix from our last California Dive Trip!

Catalina Island California DivingLiving in a landlocked state like Arizona, we don’t often think of scuba diving as a getaway weekend. But, since the California coast is only a 5-hour drive from Phoenix, we love doing these trips often.

Here are pictures from our last weekend California dive trip to Catalina Island. Our next one … Read More…

World class diving in Fiji

Diving in Fiji with Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Check out this short video showing the world class diving in Fiji! Scuba Professionals of Arizona organizes trips all over the world and this video is from Fiji!

Our next trip to Fiji is on October 9-19, 2015. Join Scuba Professionals of Arizona for a fantastic week of diving out of Wananavu, Fiji, South Pacific!

We will be staying at the Wananavu Beach Resort, an intimate deluxe resort with only 34 generously sized villas nestled among tropical gardens, and along the hillside with magnificent views over the crystal blue waters and islands beyond We hope you can join us! But … Read More…

How do I stay warm while diving?

You're never too old to scuba!

As an Arizona Native, I am used to being uncomfortably warm (especially in the summer) and needing to cool off. But when we scuba dive it is a completely different story. We have to layer wetsuits so that we stay warm and yet hopefully avoid looking like the kid in a Christmas Story! All divers end up owning several different wetsuits to protect them in a variety of different water temperatures. It is no different than having a wardrobe for varying clothing needs. So let’s discuss and answer the question – How do I stay warm while diving?

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