Is there a difference between Air and Nitrox?

SSI EAN Nitrox - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Many scuba divers worry about the cost of filling their cylinders. As we discussed in a previous blog, we know how important it is to put quality air into our body to keep us safe. It is worth spending just a few dollars more to get a better breathing gas in our bodies. Is there a difference between Air and Nitrox? Absolutely!SSI EAN Nitrox - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

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Does being Certified mean you are Qualified?

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In the early 1980’s we realized that being a certified scuba diver does not necessarily mean you are qualified to scuba dive. At first, this might not sound so bad but just think about it, it’s a really important question. So we’ll try and answer the question Does being Certified mean you are Qualified?

In the beginning, scuba clubs were started with divers who left the military. This led to the creation of scuba instruction and certification agencies. Bob Clark, who founded SSI (Scuba Schools International), decided that everything taught in scuba needed to be real Read More…

Is the air I breathe while Scuba Diving safe?

AirFilll Station - Scuba Professionals of Arizona

Did you ever put any thought into how your air is created for your cylinders? Did you ever ask – Is the air I breathe while scuba diving safe?

Scuba stores are often very proud of their compressors. Unfortunately, many dive store employees do not have an understanding of how compressors work and how to keep it safe for both the customer and the store. Sometimes, air fills are simply unsafe to breathe.

So let’s go over some vital requirements for air fills that need to be asked and discussed:

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Scuba Diving Vacation to Roatan!

Roatan Scuba Diving Vacation

Some of the best diving in the Caribbean can be found in the waters of Roatan. The Island is surrounded by the world’s second largest barrier reef  making Roatan one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations and vacations. The reef attracts an abundance of  sea life and it’s only a short flight from the US which makes it a fantastic Scuba Diving Vacation destination!

There are an estimated 176 dive sites around the island with a dive site for every ability, whether you are a beginner diver or an advanced diver.

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How to do a scuba beach entry

Scuba Beach ENtry

Watch this short video demonstration on How to do a scuba beach entry. Follow the steps shown and you will be a star at getting in and out of the water as you do your scuba beach dive! When you know how to do it, it’s all fun and safe!

It’s easy to do a beach entry and exit when you know to do it, isn’t it! But what do you do if you are knocked over by a wave? And how do you best but on and take off your gear? This and much more you’ll be … Read More…