Which is the world’s deadliest animal?

As scuba divers, we often get questions about how we dare to dive among sharks. But really how accurate is it to be afraid of sharks? And which is the world’s deadliest animal? Which animal kills the most humans? Is it the shark? Or maybe crocodiles? Lions? Hippos? Dogs? Snakes? Or what about humans killing humans? That’s gotta be it, right?

No, neither of those is correct. As a matter of fact, the Shark is the LEAST DEADLIEST animal of them all. By far. The deadliest animal is…..the mosquito.

Take a look at this graphic that Bill Gates posted to his blog on April 25!

World's deadliest animalSo now you know. Worrying about being killed by a shark is really not relevant.

Many of us have a thing about sharks since Jaws. But it’s time to re-learn. It’s time to re-educate people that sharks are not a threat to humans. There are far greater threats to humans in the world, so let’s leave the Sharks alone. Let’s enjoy them while Scuba Diving!

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Happy Diving!

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